Africa Recap – More than 15,000 youth at once!

Damien Jackson joined forces with the Where U Going? Team in Africa for the highly anticipated release of the book, Shoulda Been Dead.

The African tour started off in Namibia, where over 2,500 copies of the book were sold! After hearing Damien’s story, many abused and rejected youth decided to change their life just as he once did. There where about 3,000 youth on the day—some had to even stay outside listening through speakers willing to be part of this great event. The event in Namibia was a hit; NBC requested a live interview with Damien during his stay.

Way to go Namibia!

Next stop was in Mozambique where an event against drugs brought more than 10,000 eager youth ready to learn how Damien went from the streets to success.

In Botswana, the event had around 3,000 youth. Many could relate to Damien’s life and although thousands of books were ordered, they sold out completely in just a couple days.

While Damien was there he took the opportunity to hold assemblies in some of the schools. One of the principals was moved by such life changes that he allowed the Where U Going? Team to continue working with the students.

Last but not least of the African Tour was South Africa where Damien held various events, including visits to prisons where hundreds of books were given to the inmates.

In Durban, 150 books where given in prison, plus the Where U Going? event had more than 2,200 youths attend the book signing!

Up next in Cape town, 180 books were given out cell by cell reaching out to those in prison. The youth event there had a total of 3,300 people attend.

Finally in Johannesburg 300 books were given in the prison and the youth event had a total of 15,000 youth! 95% of the books were donated by business people such as Volkswagen and other businesses. Many gang members decided to give up their street life after hearing Damien’s testimony.

The South Africa events were jam packed with performances, great music, and strong testimonies that changed lives.

The SBD Tour in Africa mobilized the entire country!


Damien “…but it has been a GREAT journey in Africa. Hopefully I come back soon…”

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