Before & Now


  • Came from a broken home
  • Started using drugs and alcohol at an early age
  • Became a drug dealer & joined street gang by age of 15
  • Went to jail a number of times
  • Contemplated suicide
  • Never thought I’d live past 18

“I was rejected by both of my parents. I turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age to escape the pain of homelessness. I joined a street gang by the age of 14. I went to jail plenty of times. I thought of suicide even more times. Truth is, I shoulda been dead…”   – Damien Jackson




  • Happily married, family relationship restored
  • Free from drugs, alcohol & gangs
  • A Youth Mentor for over 5 years now. Worked helping troubled youth in Atlanta, London, New York, Houston and now in Dallas.
  • Public speaker; have been on TV & Radio programs
  • The movie “Rusx” is based on my story
  • Travel across the States speaking in public schools and for book signing events.

I had a troubled childhood, but I don’t regret it because it taught me things that some people may never know. My life changed when I realized I couldn’t do it on my own. One decision changed everything, and because of that, I now devote my life to reaching out to others like me…”  – Damien Jackson


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  1. solange silva says:

    Ganhei o livro de prsente e gostei muito pois estou passando por uma prova dessa aqui em casa apesar de muita coisa não ser igual. Mas as drogas realmente transforma uma pessoa boa em um monstro. Abraço.

  2. hysa maynke força jovem brasil says:

    nossa amei, que Deus abençoe a familia do sr mt e mt mais, e que Deus de condições ao sr de chegar aonde niguem chegou.

  3. Thala says:

    Very true, we cant regret our past but we can acually learn from it and indeed decision is the key to a transformatiom of life thank you

  4. danielmabote says:

    I am so excited that on October 27 you’ll be at the UCKG in Soweto. I will be there. May God bless you more and more for guiding our youth.

  5. lerato valencia peterson says:

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to share with us as youth, and am so grateful that through all that you have been through you made it, that shows that God is great.I am a youth from YPG Parkstation, I really can’t wait for the 27th and I hope that everything will go we’ll.

  6. Lebogang says:

    I learnt a lot from your life story yesterday in Mamelodi Pretoria and what stood out the most for me was when you categorized the four different types of people we have in this life. I will fight by all means to become a part of the 1st group that is focused on achieving their dreams.
    I sincerely hope that you and your family may reach many more youth throughout the world.

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