Shoulda Been Dead

Damien Jackson as told to Dave Jackson

“Now, I sat on the bench outside Temptations with my two homies feeling as low as something I’d scrape off the bottom of my shoes. I couldn’t even tell the other guys about it because it wasn’t just the pressures of gang-banging and drug dealing that was getting to me. I could excuse all the robbing, stealing, cheating, fighting, even the people who had been killed. But how could I excuse myself? How had I become so cold and heartless?…” Damien Jackson

Damien Jackson, a former member of the Bloods, tells his amazing story in his autobiography, “Shoulda Been Dead.” Rejected by both his parents at 14, Damien was forced onto the streets of Atlanta, where old abandoned buildings were his shelter and gang members were his surrogate family. The easy money of dealing drugs and weapons put him in the crossfire of police shootouts, and time in jail just added to his reputation.

Damien’s life was one of survival. Dealing in thousands of dollars of contraband made him dangerous, getting stoned on drugs and alcohol made him fearless, facing down the barrels of guns from police and rival gangs made him tough, but nothing required the level of courage it took to change his life.

How a young man so unwanted and so far gone could ever find himself transformed, is what makes this compelling story a must-read for anyone who has wondered if hope exists for violent criminals.

“Shoulda Been Dead,” will open your eyes to another world and inspire you to turn your life around and start afresh.

Now available in Amazon in Portuguese and English.

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  1. Goretti Ferreira Brasil Rio de Janeiro says:

    Que testemunho do senhor, muito forte!

    Que Deus continue abençoando o senhor abundantemente.

    estive na noite do autografo que o senhor fez aqui no rio de janeiro.

  2. Damien Jackson sua história é um bom exemplo de vida mostra para os jovens que eles não precisam passar por uma vida que o senhor passou e sim pode se entrega enquanto a tempo, mais assim sua história pode se torna um filme baseado em fatos reais seria legal ter um filme contando a sua história esse é o meu comentário e que seu testemunho continue ajudando pessoas.

  3. Tanyika (Ypg jamaica) says:

    Hi Damien. We are really looking forward to see you here in Jamaica. hundreds of youths here are suffering the way you used to. God bless you and your beautiful wife! :-)

  4. Kelly-Kelebogile(SA) says:

    Good day Damien,

    Welcome to Africa, I’ve been over your blog and listened to your biography on you-tube and its heartbreaking to hear what you and so many more other youth all over the went through & some still going through that self-destructive mode because of family issues or peer pressure! But God had another plan with your life, that is to help & give hope to that young guy who hasn’t discovered himself just yet, living under people’s shadows(Entertainment industry).

    And apology accepted…Africa is the most natural but magnificent place to be with lovely people! God bless you and your wife!

    Kelebogile(Thank you)

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