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  1. gina says:

    That’s so true! I’m a college student and i’ve realized my so called “friends” are no longer around me, all they can think of is clubbing and drinking and doing drugs. It’s better to be alone than to be around bad company, the only reason they don’t want to be around me is because I refuse to do what they do. Not everyone you call friend really is.

  2. Joel says:

    Great stuff, please keep it up. No fluff just straight answers to important questions. Lots of people can benefit from this but we have to get the word out. I’ll be doing my part.

  3. Danny Martinez says:

    I heard about this show man, and I cannot wait to watch it, so you all who have not seen this show man, don’t miss it, I have heard it is better than any show out there! Shea, you already know!!!

  4. Hello Damien Jackson!
    My name is Matthew and I live in Brazil,
    I am part of the Youth Force that is similar to VYG ..
    I read your book “Shouda Been Dead” and found it very interesting, is a strong testimony!
    UCKG in Brazil We congratulate you for this work and who knows if you can come in Brazil some day we would be happy.
    God Bless you!

  5. Danny Martinez says:

    Man Damien, these 10 silliest things you have seen people do for love were really helpful, and they are all true, man Thanks for sharing and keep this Holla At Me Show going man, it is really cool and I will continue to spread the word on this man! GOD BLESS!

    —Danny Martinez

  6. Dimakatso Moreetsi says:

    Hello Damien Jackson.I believe you came to Botswana for a
    purpose of helping us. I thank you for this motivational story
    that you shared with us at the UCKG in Botswana. I just started reading your book SHOULDA BEEN

    dimakatso moreetsi.

  7. Vinicius Nunes says:

    Muito obrigado pelo livro ! ele mi ajudou bastante a enfrentar o mau e poder mi reergue contra a criminalidade este livro e muito bom espero que muitos outras pessoas possam ler e ajuda-los tbm …

  8. gabby says:

    I read your book and finish it within hours its very inspiring makes a person think bout his\her life. I’m gonna recommend every young person to read it… Much love all the way from Africa Namibia

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