Who I am

As far back as I can remember I always lived in a broken home. 

My parents should’ve never been together in the first place and I felt like I would never live to see eighteen. Like I was cursed. It made me hate the world. It made me hate myself. It made me bitter. I was like a time bomb waiting to explode.

My dad was never around; my mom was on her own thing. She said things no mother should ever say to her children. Things that can’t be erased. The kind of things that leave scars for years to come.

Sometimes I got so mad that I could taste blood in my mouth. But other times I felt so depressed that I just wanted to die. Even before the age of ten, I fantasized about killing myself nearly every day. I always had a bit of a temper problem too. I got kicked out of so many pre-schools that they started calling me a pre-school dropout.

I became what I swore I never would. A violent, aggressive, cold-hearted, criminal-minded, statistic. I was no scarface, I was a corner hustler. I worked blocks; I was selling one rock at a time. I had to fight my own wars.

And oh, how I felt the world owed  me. I never asked to come here. I didn’t ask for the parents I got. I didn’t ask for a dad who beat me, but never spent time with me. I didn’t ask for a mom who was too busy in the clubs. I also didn’t ask for those I should and did look up to, to teach me how to hustle.

But thankfully, I learned that even the worst possible hand you can be dealt could win the game, if you make the right choices. It all came down to choices in the end. And one choice changed everything.


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  1. Aline says:

    não consegui ler pois não sei ingles mas o livro é muito bom, tenho um filho drogado e gostaria muito de saber os sete passos mencionados no livro.

  2. Oh my!!! You are just too true to be good. How do you manage to write and research on such wonderful things? You have inspired me to work harder now. I shall try as much as possible to enjoy life to the fullest and be satiated with the wonderful things that are around me, which I have been unaware of until now.

  3. Priscila says:

    Gostei muito do seu livro. mostra a realidade não só onde o senhor morar mais mostra a realidade brasileira. Abençoe uma jovem com seu livro, essa jovem tinha era viciada em dragas. Uma semana antes da noite de autografo que você fez no Brasil. Essa jovem ao ler chegou ate a mim e falou pra mim que não queria mais a vida que ele esta levando. Ela foi a noite de autografo e gostou da reunião e da palavra que você fez e ela falou pra mim que ia dar um basta na situação que ela estava vivendo. Eu gradeço a Deus por te usar pra escrever esse livro, ele é um testemunho que Deus pode mudar a vida de uma pessoa. essa pessoa que eu evangelizei com sei livro , ela se batizou nas águas e esta firma na presença de Deus.

  4. vanessa says:

    comprei o livro, gostei muito vou empresta para meu subrinho nao tive esta mesma sorte ,na minha familia ,perdi 2 irmaos para a droga fica com deus.

  5. Thala says:

    Wow your testimony is a shocker and eye opener very strong things mentioned expecialy the one thing about choice and how just one choice changed it all thank you…


    Your life is similar to what I had to deal with when I was still young…I never thought there was someone out there who suffered like I did.the thing with you is that you were on drugs but as of me I never touched those..you are such an inspiration to young people out there.God bless you at all times..how I wish I could meet you..

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